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KOMINPRO-Turning the age of 17 in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Unisba Faculty of Medicine (FK) remains committed to celebrating and enlivening Milad through various series of activities. This milad activity was officially launched virtual via Zoom Meeting, Thursday (17/06).

The anniversary, which carries the theme ” Synergy and Collaboration to build human resources capacity toward International Recognition “, has carried out various series of activities that have been carried out since June 14 and will end on October 25. These activities include international seminars, coaching international scientific publications and community service which is supported by various fun and health activities, and ends with the 17th Unisba FK Milad procession.

The details of the 17th Anniversary of FK Unisba consist of, Bandung International Conference of Medical and Health Sciences (BICMHS) – 2021 (25-26 September 2021); Scientific and Academic Writing Workshop: E-Coaching Clinic Series 2021 (July 31 -August 31, 2021); Studium generale of prof Nozu Kandai., Ph.D., from Kobe universities ; Webinar Series that raises various topics about health; Advanced Cardiac Live Support ( ACLS ) Workshop; ECG Workshop; Making “Communal septic tank ” (21 October 2021); Virtual Ride (18-24 October 2021); Leisurely strolling Virtual (23 October 2021) and the 17th Anniversary Procession of FK Unisba/ 25 October 2021.

The Dean of FK Unisba, Prof. Dr. Nanan Sekarwana, dr., SpA(K)., MARS, said that the age of 17 years is interpreted as the end of the adolescent phase in human development, for that according to him this is something to be grateful for because until now Unisba FK remains the favorite private FK that is the destination education for prospective students in West Java. “This is evidenced by the high number of stringent selections to become FK Unisba students,” he said.

The Dean advised that various Milad activities this time have the capacity to increase the value in the upcoming accreditation. Besides that, according to him, due to the condition of the Covid 19 infection that is still hitting, various milad activities are carried out in a simple manner.

However, the Dean encourages to be more enthusiastic so that he never recedes in innovating, creating and improvising in order to remain productive in carrying out the tridharma activities of higher education. “We prove that we are able to answer the challenges ahead and maintain the trust of the A accreditation that we have obtained,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor of Unisba, Prof. Dr. H. Edi Setiadi, said that the age of 17 is a mature age for an institution. In this way, the Chancellor hopes that FK Unisba can be a reference for the younger generation of Islam to take knowledge and wisdom at Unisba as a whole.***

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